another mouth-watering goodness from lucban

desserts, cake

I have just shared Longganisang Lucban in one of my previous post now here I am sharing yet another delectable product from Quezon. This is a yummy yema cake that Jared’s dad brought home along with other treats from Lucban. It is sweet but not too over-powering and the silky creamy goodness of yema simply helps to put all the flavors and the textures together. I just love it! For a few days I am snacking on this or having it as an end to my every meal.

I will have to agree that Quezon is such a haven for one gustatory adventure and I cannot wait to try all the other delicious food they have to offer. This is really making me bent on checking out this year’s Pahiyas, it will be a great opportunity to visit the place again and explore those places which I have not seen before, experience the colorful local festival complete with a number of marching bands playing Brass instruments and give those kiping a try. Hopefully I can save enough so that me and the little man can plan for our trip to Quezon soon!

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