Beating The Summer Heat With Ice Cream

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Can you believe this heat? The sweltering heat just shoot up to the most intolerable degrees and everyone seems to be doing whatever they can to beat the summer heat. One of my faves? A scoop {or two or more! ;)} of my favorite ice cream.

My siblings went home a few weeks ago with these and we had such a wonderful time catching up our summer adventures {or lack of it}. This is one of the new flavors of ice cream Selecta has recently came up. I particularly enjoyed it + I love the fact that you get to enjoy 3 different flavors in one tub. Mango is my most favorite of all! 🙂

This 1.5 liter tub also comes with a free box of wafer cones which made us enjoy our ice cream experience even more! 🙂

Oh well, writing about this now is making me crave for another scoop, maybe I will get some later on when I go out with the little man, once I am done reading these nifty tips on how to speed up my pc at 😉

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