Be The GoldiBest in Class!

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The great inventor Thomas Edison once said that success is “10 percent inspiration, and 90 percent perspiration.” Indeed, reward comes as much with effort as it does with achievement. The taste of success is always sweeter when it is gained through hard work.

The ripe Filipino mango, with its golden sheen and hearty flavor, is a good equivalent to the sweet taste of success. Celebrate the triumph of your graduate today by getting them the new Mango Chantilly Cake from Goldilocks, a well-deserved treat comprisingtwo stacked layers of mango and vanilla chiffon, filled with creamy Italian butter icingand succulent mango jam,and decorated with sweet mango marshmallows. As an added nod to the graduating class of 2013, the country’s number one bakeshop likewise offers delectable Mango Tarts and the return of its famous Mango Mousse Singles – the perfect snacks for post-graduation barkada outings.

Get these mango-inspired delights at your nearest Goldilocks branch, or call 888-1-999 Goldilocks Go-Delivery to celebrate this once in a lifetime milestone.

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