cooking with gata for the first time

food musings, Filipino dishes, home cooking

I really have a very limited kitchen knowledge and most of the dishes I can cook involves very simple food preparation: saute and fry. I was feeling rather inspired during our last trip to the grocers and grabbed one of these coconut milk cans with the hope of cooking something with it soon. I love dishes that has gata and back in the days, these were the dishes that I look forward to the most whenever my mama cooked. And I really miss eating those dishes, so mustering enough guts, I added a few vegetables that would go well with gata onto my grocery cart. I got a medium-sized squash and a bunch of string beans and decided to cook ginataang sitaw at kalabasa.

food musings, Filipino dishes, home cooking

I cooked the dish a few days ago and I must say it wasn’t so bad for a start, even my sister liked it. I just need to add in a dash of salt to taste next time around. What do you think?

Hopefully I would be able to cook more vegetables in my kitchen and I also hope I can get the little man to try them, too! I shall be looking for more interesting vegetable and gata dishes online as soon as I am done reading this interesting post about a carpenter’s toolbox and a gripper. 🙂

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