Refreshing Avocado

food musings, fruits, desserts

One of the perfect {not to mention delicious} way to beat the scorching summer heat is to eat avocado. My love affair with this fruit developed rather late. My mama loved this fruit and she would make avocado ice cream out of it by just slicing off the fruit and mixing in a cup of condensed milk and putting in in the freezer to cool. It was too sweet for my taste so I seldom join her feasting on this dessert.

It was only now that I found out that avocados can also be eaten raw and they actually taste so good. Now it has become one of my comfort food and would always get one whenever I do my grocery rounds. I simply leave it in the ref to cool and then eat it in a few days.

Avocados are rich in fiber and even has more Potassium than bananas. They say eating this fruit is good for the skin and also helps reduce the risk of diabetes, as well as lower blood cholesterol levels. No wonder my mama loves to eat them! 🙂

Anyway, I have just ran out of my avocado stash so I will make sure to grab one later after I am done reading all about this engrossing post about men’s wedding rings.